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Knowledgeable Queens Lawyers Advise on Wills and Probate Matters

Accomplished Jackson Heights firm facilitates effective estate planning

Since 1982, The Law Offices of Arnold W. Drucker, PLLC in Jackson Heights has helped New York and New Jersey clients establish and execute authoritative wills. Whether you are looking to create a document to disperse your assets upon death or have been named as an estate representative, our knowledgeable lawyers will guide you through each step. Our personalized approach to client service guides you in preparing wills, medical directives, guardianship designations and other instruments that protect your property and address the future needs of your family.

Thorough attorneys provide personalized will preparation services

Your will is more than just a financial instrument. It is the legacy that you will leave to the people you love. This demands an experienced attorney to help you with issues such as:

  • Legal requirements — We will ensure that your will conforms to New York or New Jersey law and is appropriately witnessed. If you are unsure about naming an executor, our lawyers can discuss the responsibilities of that role so that you can choose the right person.
  • Specific bequests — Our commitment to personal attention means that you can craft a document that allocates your property exactly as you wish. This includes advice on minimizing tax exposure and making charitable bequests.
  • Review and revisions — An estate plan shouldn’t be static. Instead, it should grow and adapt to changes in the testator’s finances, relationships and priorities. If you have not examined your will in the last few years, we can go over its terms and make any adjustments that would better serve your current needs.

Our firm offers a free initial consultation to give you an outline of the will drafting process before you start.

Skilled advocates handle probate and administration proceedings

When a loved one dies, managing the estate frequently becomes an extra burden on family members who are left behind. Whether the decedent prepared a will or not, our firm helps executors and administrators close the estate efficiently. Where a will does exist, we oversee the filing in Surrogate’s Court and make sure that potential beneficiaries are notified. Our experienced lawyers understand how to identify assets and bring them into estate. From there, we manage all tax obligations, oppose will contests and fulfill the instructions stated in the will.

Legal advisers establish guardianship instructions for parents

Addressing the needs of minor children is the most important estate planning concern for mothers and fathers. Our firm helps families establish clear plans in the event that parents can no longer care for their children due to death or some other emergency. By working closely with you, we will establish a guardianship document that states your intention to confer legal authority over your children to someone whom you trust.

Dedicated attorneys draft documents to help clients control their medical care

If you are incapacitated due to injury or illness, your family could be cast into the terrible position of having to guess at your medical preferences. To avoid this problem and maintain control over your care in the event of an emergency, we can help you create a healthcare proxy, which appoints someone to carry out your wishes. Our lawyers also advise on living wills, which specify end-of-life choices.

Contact an experienced Queens wills and probate lawyer for a free initial consultation

The Law Offices of Arnold W. Drucker, PLLC assists New York City-area clients with wills, probate and other estate planning matters. Please call 347-990-3227 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Jackson Heights office.