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Estate Planning Law – Do I Need a Will?

Do I Need a Will in Queens? A will is usually the first document a person has drafted when they are planning for their estate. It’s literally the instrument that tells the world how you want your estate divided, who is going to get gifts or bequest, who is going to act as executor, who … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Power Of Attorney 101

Power Of Attorney 101 A power of attorney is another document that would be a part of your estate plan.  A power of attorney grants power or authority to an agent or an attorney-in-fact to act on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated or unable to act on your own. Similar to appointing … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Updating My Will

Updating My Will in Queens People often want to know about whether or not their will has to be updated, or once they make a will, is it set in stone? And the simple answer is, yes, your will should be updated from time to time, and no, your will is not set in stone … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Probate 101

Probate 101 The probate procedure is what happens when a person dies with a will. It is literally the process by which the court approves a will, formally appoints an executor or executrix, issues testamentary letters that allows the executor or executrix to act on behalf of the estate pursuant to the will. The person … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Preparing A Will

Preparing a Will in Queens, NY When preparing to have a will drafted and prior to meeting with an attorney or perspective attorney, there certain steps that everyone should take to kind get their affairs in order. The first thing that I always recommend is literally write out the list of questions you want to ask … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Health Care Proxy

What is a Health Care Proxy? Another important determination that you are going to have to make, along with who maybe or who you may grant power of attorney to, is who you are going to give a health care proxy too. A healthcare proxy, similar to a power of attorney, is someone that you are … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Guardianship

What Is Guardianship in New York One of the most is not the most important consideration any one has to give when planning their estate and what they have to plan for most it kind of depends on where you are in your life, when you’re undertaking an estate plan. If you have young children … Read More

Estate Planning Law – How To Administer An Estate

How To Administer An Estate in New York Estate administration, or administering someone’s estate whether they died with or without a will, is a complex, and it can be a lengthy, process. Whether they had a will or they didn’t have a will, if you’re the executor or administrator, as the case may be, you … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Trustee Responsibilities

Trustee Responsibilities Oftentimes, people want to know what a trust clause is; do they need a trust clause, what happens if they have a trust clause or if they don’t have a trust clause and what are the responsibilities of a trustee. A trust clause in a will is certainly not a requirement. They are … Read More

What Is An Executor Of A Will?

What Is An Executor Of A Will? When drafting your will, one of the most important considerations is who is going to act as the executor or executrix.  This person should be someone you trust implicitly because their job after you’re gone is essentially to make sure that your will is carried out and what … Read More