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Real Estate Law – Selling Property in NYC

Selling Property in Queens Very often clients will ask me when they’re selling their houses, what are their obligations when it comes to moving tenants that they have in the house, because the buyer of the house wants the house empty at closing, but I have an apartment or two apartments that I rent out. … Read More

Real Estate Law – Seller Costs

Seller Costs in Queens, NY Very often clients come to see me when they’re interested in selling their houses and they want to know what kind of expenses they’re going to face in these transactions, and I started off by explaining some of the very ordinary expenses that they will encounter. One of the first … Read More

Real Estate Law – IRS Section 1031

IRS Section 1031 The Internal Revenue Code has a section called Section 1031, which talks about a tax-deferred exchange, and it’s an opportunity for sellers of investment properties to defer or delay the payment of capital gains taxes that would normally be assessed to them when you sell investment properties. It defers or delays it … Read More

Real Estate Law – Closing Times

House Closing Times Very often clients would ask me the time frame involved in closing on a real estate transaction and it varies tremendously but the general rule of thumb on a house closing anywhere from two to three months. The reason I say that because most contracts will if they have mortgage contingency clause … Read More

Can a Seller Refuse to Sign the Cancellation of Escrow Even if I Gave up My Deposit?

Can a Seller Refuse to Sign the Cancellation of Escrow Even if I Gave up My Deposit? Question: I had decided to terminate a purchase of house which is already in escrow for 22 days and had decided to give up my deposit, can the seller refuse to sign the cancellation if they got mad … Read More

Real Estate Law – Selling With Property Violations

Selling With Property Violations in Queens, NY Clients often come to me when they are selling their houses and they inform me that they have certain issues with violations. One of the obligations of the seller of the house that is prescribed in the contract to sell is that you must deliver title the property … Read More

Real Estate Law – Contract of Sale Protection

Contract of Sale Protection Clients often ask me how important is the contract of sale and how it protects me when I buy a house. I tell them the contract of sale is your bible. That covers everything that protects you that obligates you; everything involves purchasing this property set forth in the contract of … Read More

Real Estate Law – Surveys

Home Surveys in Queens and New York City A survey is very important because without a survey a title insurance company will not insure your title. Title insurance companies need to see that survey in order for them to issue their policy and that’s the key because survey shows you the exact boundaries and dimensions … Read More

Real Estate Law – How Does a Contract Help Me Get A Loan?

How Does a Contract Help Me Get A Loan in Queens? Clients very often ask me how a contract protects them or helps them in terms of obtaining a loan to buy a house. And I tell my clients, the absolute most important provision in a contract of sale is what is called a mortgage … Read More

Real Estate Law – Short Sale

What is a Short Sale? In the economic times that we are living in over the past few years, I have had many clients who come to me when they want to sell their houses, and unfortunately, their house has depreciated in value, and the balance they owe their bank or their mortgage company is greater … Read More