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What Is Spousal Support in New York

What Is Spousal Support (formerly Alimony) in New York State In New York State, spousal support (also known as spousal maintenance, or alimony) is not always automatic. That is one of the most important things for people to understand. Oftentimes people believe they are automatically entitled to some sort of alimony and that’s just not the … Read More

Business Law – What to know about buying or selling a business

Business Law – What to know about buying or selling a business In my practice of law, I’m very often dealing with clients who are interested in buying and selling small businesses and they come to me and ask me, “Well, what do I have to be aware of, what are my concerns?” And, the most … Read More

Landlord Tenant Law – How long does it take to evict a tenant?

Landlord Tenant Law – How long does it take to evict a tenant? I tell my clients all the time when it comes down to the time element involved in evicting a tenant that New York is unique in certain aspects.  I speak to many other attorneys in other jurisdictions and they’re amazed at how long … Read More

Real Estate Law – How Do I Know If The Seller Is Asking A Fair Price?

Clients often consult with me when they want to buy a building; be it a commercial building or a residential building and the seller is asking for a certain price and they’re not sure if it’s a fair or reasonable price. I often tell clients that a selling price is a very subjective thing however, in a commercial … Read More

Landlord Tenant Law – Is It Better To Rent Or Lease My Home In New York?

Many clients ask me whether or not it’s in their best interest to have a written lease for their tenants.  In a private house in New York City and the outer boroughs, which is considered anything less than six units, having a written lease always benefits the tenants, not the landlord.  The reason being is with … Read More

What Is An Executor Of A Will?

What Is An Executor Of A Will? When drafting your will, one of the most important considerations is who is going to act as the executor or executrix.  This person should be someone you trust implicitly because their job after you’re gone is essentially to make sure that your will is carried out and what … Read More

What Types Of Mortgages Should I Consider When Buying A House?

What Types Of Mortgages To Consider When Buying A House in Queens, NYC? When buying a house, clients often ask me what is the best kind of mortgage.  There are some variables in that regard.  The most common form of a mortgage is called a fixed mortgage where the bank will offer you a mortgage … Read More

Estate Planning 101

What Is Estate Planning for Queens, NY Residents? Many people put off estate planning for really simple reasons; It’s incredibly morbid and unpleasant to think about.  Nobody wants to start thinking about their own death however it’s a very important and responsible thing to do because you want to make sure that your wishes are taken … Read More