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Divorce Law – Child Custody Concerns

Child Custody Concerns in Queens, NY Anytime that someone is going to get a divorce their biggest concern is what’s going to happen with their children if they have children, who’s going to have custody, what are their visitation rights are going to be and all of those things are determined in matrimonial action. Child custody … Read More

Business Law – Financing Options in Queens, New York

Very often clients will come to me in these transactions where they’re interested in buying or selling a small business, and they ask me, “What are the benefits of paying for the business in cash all at once, or financing it through the seller or some other lending institution?” And, what normally is the case … Read More

Real Estate Law – Surveys

Home Surveys in Queens and New York City A survey is very important because without a survey a title insurance company will not insure your title. Title insurance companies need to see that survey in order for them to issue their policy and that’s the key because survey shows you the exact boundaries and dimensions … Read More

Divorce Law – How To Prepare for a Divorce in Queens

How To Prepare for a Divorce in Queens Oftentimes when people first come to my office, they’re only at the very infancy of considering a divorce and they may not even have spoken about it with their spouse yet.  They often ask what should they do and what shouldn’t they do if they’re preparing to … Read More

How Do Landlord Tenant Fees Work in Queens, NY?

How Do Landlord Tenant Fees Work in Queens, NY? Clients will often ask me right away, how much will this process cost me? And I tell clients there are a few different ways lawyers charge for these types of proceedings. A lawyer can charge one flat fee that is designed to cover everything in that … Read More

Real Estate Law – How Does a Contract Help Me Get A Loan?

How Does a Contract Help Me Get A Loan in Queens? Clients very often ask me how a contract protects them or helps them in terms of obtaining a loan to buy a house. And I tell my clients, the absolute most important provision in a contract of sale is what is called a mortgage … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Health Care Proxy

What is a Health Care Proxy? Another important determination that you are going to have to make, along with who maybe or who you may grant power of attorney to, is who you are going to give a health care proxy too. A healthcare proxy, similar to a power of attorney, is someone that you are … Read More

Divorce Law – Division of Assets

Division of Assets During a Divorce The division of your assets, once you are going to the process of getting a divorce is probably it’s not the most important thing specially if you have children but it is the thing that holds up almost every divorce action from settlement. It’s basically deciding how your assets are … Read More

Real Estate Law – Short Sale

What is a Short Sale? In the economic times that we are living in over the past few years, I have had many clients who come to me when they want to sell their houses, and unfortunately, their house has depreciated in value, and the balance they owe their bank or their mortgage company is greater … Read More

Divorce Law – Separation Agreement Advantages

Separation Agreement Advantages There are definitely advantages to having a separation agreement prior to your divorce. A separation agreement usually acts as the document that controls your relationship after it is broken down but before you are actually getting a divorce. When you have a married couple who realize that their relationship is over but there … Read More