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Real Estate Law – Selling Property in NYC

Selling Property in Queens Very often clients will ask me when they’re selling their houses, what are their obligations when it comes to moving tenants that they have in the house, because the buyer of the house wants the house empty at closing, but I have an apartment or two apartments that I rent out. … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Do I Need a Will?

Do I Need a Will in Queens? A will is usually the first document a person has drafted when they are planning for their estate. It’s literally the instrument that tells the world how you want your estate divided, who is going to get gifts or bequest, who is going to act as executor, who … Read More

Real Estate Law – Seller Costs

Seller Costs in Queens, NY Very often clients come to see me when they’re interested in selling their houses and they want to know what kind of expenses they’re going to face in these transactions, and I started off by explaining some of the very ordinary expenses that they will encounter. One of the first … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Power Of Attorney 101

Power Of Attorney 101 A power of attorney is another document that would be a part of your estate plan.  A power of attorney grants power or authority to an agent or an attorney-in-fact to act on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated or unable to act on your own. Similar to appointing … Read More

Real Estate Law – IRS Section 1031

IRS Section 1031 The Internal Revenue Code has a section called Section 1031, which talks about a tax-deferred exchange, and it’s an opportunity for sellers of investment properties to defer or delay the payment of capital gains taxes that would normally be assessed to them when you sell investment properties. It defers or delays it … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Updating My Will

Updating My Will in Queens People often want to know about whether or not their will has to be updated, or once they make a will, is it set in stone? And the simple answer is, yes, your will should be updated from time to time, and no, your will is not set in stone … Read More

Landlord Tenant Law – Inherited Problem Tenants

Inherited Problem Tenants in Queens Clients who purchase apartment buildings in New York, very often are unfamiliar or unaware and unprepared for the complexities involved in removing tenants who are problematic. There is a whole body of law that applies to buildings that have six or more units and in New York they are called … Read More

Estate Planning Law – Probate 101

Probate 101 The probate procedure is what happens when a person dies with a will. It is literally the process by which the court approves a will, formally appoints an executor or executrix, issues testamentary letters that allows the executor or executrix to act on behalf of the estate pursuant to the will. The person … Read More

Real Estate Law – Closing Times

House Closing Times Very often clients would ask me the time frame involved in closing on a real estate transaction and it varies tremendously but the general rule of thumb on a house closing anywhere from two to three months. The reason I say that because most contracts will if they have mortgage contingency clause … Read More

Can Filing for Divorce Force My Husband to Move Out of the Home We Rent Together?

Can Filing for Divorce Force My Husband to Move Out of the Home We Rent Together? Question: I want a divorce and my husband doesn’t. He also doesn’t want to move out and can’t afford to. We have three children together. I don’t want him living in our home anymore through the divorce process. Will my filing … Read More